Building a New Mosque in Bowling Green

Bosnian Muslims in Bowling Green, Ky., decided to build another mosque. July 18, 2009 hundreds gathered to put the foundation--it's a tradition. Young women sang and recited, then the prayer began and finally the start of foundation in the ground began. It was such a great experience mostly because of the young girls who were dressed in traditional clothes. They were adorable.

Little Africa in Bowlin Green

Today I went with Ben when he was searching for his final story and after we decided to go to a place that we didn't think we'd find anything, we found a community of African refugees in Bowling Green. I am truly a big fan of many photos Ben took today. They scream 'Africa' and the content and the light are amazing. I wanna sneak and steal some of them and combine with mine :). Anyway, that's all for today.

Foto From Last Year

I was really happy to find this photo that I took in Practicum last year :).

The House

When me and Ben rode in the back of Crouch's car on the way to McDonald's with other PJs, we drew a little house ;)

Brian, Riaz, Garcia, Kellie, Ryan, me and Mr. Garcia

Mr. Garcia took care of me and many other PJs on this trip. He made sure I didn't get lost and when I did, I always looked for his green hat :). Thank you Mr. Garica!


At the Brickyard